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Ski passes in Europe ski resorts will be more expensive

According to European media reports, due to inflation and the energy crisis, prices for ski passes at Europe alpine resorts will increase this season by 6%-10%. Most expensive lift pass in Europe ski resorts.

Pandemic risk in ski resorts, Sars-CoV-2 in cable cars

Where do the greatest risks of infection lurk? How can you protect yourself and others even better? Scientists all over the world are working to expand knowledge about Covid-19 – including at Empa. Researchers are now using measurements and simulations


European ski resorts are opening for the 2020-21 ski season

This winter, ski season has been the subject of a Europe-wide debate as Germany, France and Italy pushed for a EU-wide ban on ski tourism until early January.  Italy called for the ski areas to be closed across Europe until at least January 10th, however, no joint solution has been reached.

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  • BobGudauri
  • Great skiing, 1.5 meters of natural snow at the end of March, very few people during working days, all slopes maintained every night. Only disadvantage was that the resort is full of Nazis from Russia.

  • MaximiliaArinsal
  • I was there a few years ago with buddies... We had an awesomeee time there and really wanna go back!

  • KufaraSpindleruv Mlyn
  • Not a big resort compared to alpine resorts but the place was OK for a couple of days. A very busy and popular place at the heart of winter just after Christmas time. Services are alright however I have to admit that the pricing is unjustifiable. Very expensive lift pass. Buying a daily (or weekend) pass is quite expensive compared to other ski resorts in the Czech Republic and across the borders in Germany Italy and France. The town itself this charming and has a good selection of hotels and restaurants offering perfect value for money.